1. How has your exposure to Korean culture or history impacted you?

2.Discuss the escalating tension between the United States and North Korea: Its impact on global politics and the prospect of reunification of the divided Korean Peninsula

Grand award

  • Christine Han “I am Korean, I am Proud (나는 자랑스러운 한국인)“ Ridgewood HS

1st award

  • Brian Jon “Fighting for your rights: Stand Up and Speak Out (당신의 권리: 당당한 의견발표)” Bergen Technical HS

2nd award

  • Alyssa Ferdinand “How Korean Has Changed My Perspective on Life (한국어는  내 삶의 관점을 바꿨다)” Ridgefield Memorial HS

  • Daniel Jin “My Mother’s Kimchi Jjigae (우리 엄마의 김치찌개)“ Rutherford HS

3rd award

  • Rachel Han “I am a Korean-American (나는 한국인이며 미국인이다)“ Moorestown HS

  • Jiyoon Hwang “Discovering My Identity in the Midst of Racism and Discrimination (민족차별속에서 내 identity 를 찾다)” William Fremd HS

  • Jeremy Kim “Lessons from My Grandfather (할아버지의 교훈)“ Hunter College HS 


  • Victoria Choe “How the Korean Culture has Impacted my Lifestyle (한국 문화가 내 삶에 준 영향)” Whippany Park HS

  • Christopher Park “Being _ _ _ _ _ ( 나는 나다)“ River Dell HS

  • Nicollette Cruz “A Culture in Motion (다양한 문화)“ Ridgefield Memorial HS

  • Alex Ogle “The Impact of Korean Culture (한국문화의 영향)“ Fairfield Area HS

2017 Finalists


1. Division of the Korean Peninsula
2. Korean culture

1st Place: Tahn-Ahm Yong-Ku Cho Scholarship

  • Sohee Kim "Proud of My Name and Culture (내 이름에 담긴 자랑스러운 유산)" Northern Valley Regional HS at Old Tappan

2nd Place (순양장학금) & Research award

  • Christine Han "Yun Dong Ju: The Anguished Voice of Korea (윤동주: 한국고뇌의 목소리) " Ridgewood HS

2nd Place (순양장학금)

  • Joanna Jo "Yu Gwan-Sun: A Story for the World (세계에 알리고 싶은 유관순)" Palisades Park HS

3rd Place: Osam Scholarship

  • Andrew Lee "Colonel Young-Oak Kim (김영옥대령)" St. Francis Preparatory School

  • Youna Choi "Worth Waiting For (기다림의 가치)" Bergen County Academies

  • Derek Chun "Ahn Jung Geun: His Life and Legacy (안중근: 생애와 유산)" John P. Stevens High School

Kyung Gi Award

  • Bing Chen "The Significance of North Korean Defectors to the World (탈북자들은 말한다)" Brooklyn Technical HS

  • Shannon Dussman "The Korean Entertainment Industry and Its Worldwide Impact (한국 엔터테인멘트사업이 세계에 끼친 영향)" Columbia High School

  • Soonmyung Hwang "The Human Representation of Global Citizenship (세계시민 반기문)" William Fremd HS

  • Seunghoon Kim "Kang Young Woo: The Blind Visionary (맹인 강영우의 이상)" Ridgefield Memorial HS

  • Jiwon Estee Yi "Korea's Ancestral Veneration and Its Potential for Global Appeal (한국의 조상공경사상이 가지는 매력)" The Bronx High School of Science

Research Award

  • David Oks "The Poplar Tree Incident: The Skirmish That Nearly Caused a War (포플라나무사건: 전쟁일보직전)" The Masters School

2016 Finalists


'한국 역사상 정치, 경제, 사회, 문화 등 각 분야에 크게 영향을 준 인물이나 사건 또는 한 시대를 선택하여, 그 역사적 배경과 한국과 한국국민에게 끼친 영향에 대해 토론 하십시오'



2nd Place: 순양장학금

  • Tommy Park "Truth and Reconciliation (진실과 화해)" Horace Greeley HS

  • Julie Kim "Teaching the World with Her Courage (그녀의 용기로 세계를 감동시키다)" UC Tech HS

3rd place: Osam Scholarship

  • Yohan Shin "The Missionary Thomas was a Cornerstone for the Development of the Korean Country and its People (한국민과 한국 발전의 모퉁이 돌, 토마스 선교사)" Tenafly HS

  • Sarah Rim "The Korean " Comfort Women " : War victims to Be Commemorated, Not to Be Neglected (등한시 되지말고, 상기되어야할 전쟁피해자: 한국인 종군위안부)" Stuyvesant HS

  • Kristin Kweon "Hallyu: The Korean Wave (한국의 물결)" Academies at Englewood

Kyung Gi Award

  • Lauren Kyuhee Choi "Unknown Movement (알려지지 않은 독립운동)" Bronx HS of Science

  • Bo Lee "Mansae, Mansae! (만세, 만세!)" Bergen County Academies

  • Seunghee Lee "The Jikji : Proof to Defy and Redeem (항에 맞서 찾아낸 우리의 보물, 직지)" HS of America Studies at Lehman College

  • David Oks "The Legacy of President Syngman Rhee (초대대통령, 이승만 박사의 민족적 유산)" The Masters School

2015 Finalists


Commemorating 1945

Grande Award

  • Eugene Kim "From an Ecstatic Independence to a Tragic Seperation" Cherry Hill High School East

1st Place: Tahn-Ahm Yong-Ku Cho Scholarship

  • Justin Kim “1945: A New Hope for Korea” Bronx High School of Science

2nd Place: PL Scholarship

  • Richard Kim "The Land of the Morning Calm" Livingston High School

  • Christina Yun "1945: The Year Everything Changed" Eastchester High School

3rd Place: Osam Scholarship

  • Stella Nan "The Realizable Dream" Fort Lee High School

  • Hyun Joo (Haley) Yang "Two Koreas" Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest

  • Yoonsun Choi "Distant Dream of Unity" Bergen County Academy

Best Research Award

  • Hyun Joo (Haley) Yang, Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest, "Two Koreas"

Kyung Gi Award

  • Julie Kim "The 38th Parallel: Line of Separation, Line of Hope" Union County Vocational-Tech HS

  • Magnus Roh "The Korean War Never Ended" Palisades Park Jr/Sr High School

  • Jiwon Jung "What We Should Not Forget" Fort Lee High School

  • Yehyun Lee "Two Tears" Fort Lee High School

  • Jasmin Park "The Year 1945: Why It Matters: The Past, Present, Future Divide" Bayside High School

  • Tenzin Deckyi "Division of Korea" Francis Lewis High School

  • Kristin Kweon "The Marvels and Mishaps of Korea" Academies at Englewood

  • John Kim "The Prospect of 'Free and Independent' South Korea Under Military Rule [the Allied Forces]" Clarkstown High School South

  • Tommy Park "United We Stand, and Divided We Fall" Horace Greeley High School

2014 Finalists


Grand Award

  • Yunhee Hyun "우리는 하나" Hunter College H.S.

1st Place: Than-Ahm Yong-ku Cho Scholarship

  • Yaehee Gloria Bae "눈치빠른 배려심" Northern Valley Regional H.S.

2nd Place: 순양장학금

  • Joshua Lee "울산 조선소로 한국의 입지가 달라졌다" Leonia H.S.

  • Sojin Kim "김 구" Cherry Hill H.S.

3rd place: Osam Scholarship

  • Madelyn Kim "세종대왕" Academies at Englewood

  • Cheryl Lee "4,29 사건으로 우리의 identity를 찾았다" Bayside H.S.

  • Arnorld Hasani "한국전통이 내게 준 영향"

2013 Finalists


1st place: Than-Ahm Yong-ku Cho Scholarship

  • Nahae Kim "Dr. Seo-Yang Park" Great Neck South H.S.

2nd place: Suh Kwangsun Scholarship

  • Nicholas Kim "Backbom Kim Ku" Whippany Park H.S.

  • Anne Kim "Yu Gwan-Sun" Richard Montgomery H.S.

3rd place: Osam Scholarship

  • Ashley Kim "King Sejong" Livingston H.S.

  • Sora Lee "An Chang-Ho" Rutherford H.S.

  • Sarah Park "Yu Gwan-Sun" Francis Lewis H.S.

  • Jane Sul "Dr. Seo Jae-Pil" Cherry Hill H.S.

Kyung Gi Award

  • Juneho Jang "The Pioneer of Korea's Electronic Age" Fort Lee H.S.

  • Jane Cho "Sejong Daewang" Wayne Hills H.S.

  • Tommy Do "Kim Ku" Northern Valley Regional H.S.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 4.53.24 PM.png


1st Place: *Dr. Kilyoung Yun Scholarship

  • Cailey Martin "The Division of Korea” Scarsdale High School

2nd Place: *Than-Ahm Yong-Ku Cho Scholarship

  • Ryan Choi "Nation’s Debt & People’s Courage"

  • Jong Lee "Yangnyeong"

3rd Place: Osam Scholarship

  • Christopher Han "Yi Sun Sin"

  • Yury Higuchi "Yu Gwan Sun"

  • Lubin Lee "A Nation Survived The Impossible"

Kyunggi Award

  • Eunhye Gim, Hwe Young Lee

  • Han Lim Lee, Kee Chung

  • Jieun Yoo, Choi Hyun Bae

Sponsored Scholarships:

  • Dr. Kilyoung Yun is a retired medical doctor who practiced medicine for more than 40 years in New York area. She is also an alumnae of KGHS (Class of '46).

  • The second place award is named after Than-Ahm Yong-Ku Cho (1907-2008), who devoted his life in education of young generation, as a founder and principal of Baemyung High School in Seoul, Korea.

  • Osam Scholarship is funded by a Kyunggi Girls’ H.S. Graduate (45회, Class of '57) who wishes to remain anonymous.

2011 Finalists


“A Korean Historical Figure I Most Admire”


  • Sue Jung Lee "김점동" Northern Valley Regional H. S. (10th Grade)

2nd place

  • Christine Y. Kim "서재필" Lenape H. S. (10th Grade)

  • Kenneth Mok "반기문" Northern Valley Regional H.S. (11th Grade)

3rd place

  • Sungmin Kang "세종대왕" North GwinnettH.S. (10th Grade)

  • Ho Jun Park "허병렬" Horace Greeley H.S. (9th Grade)

  • Jason Park "이순신" Edgemont Jr./Sr. H. S. (9th Grade)

Kyung gi award

  • Katherine Oh "안중근" Stuyvesant High School (9th Grade)

  • Sooyeon Jung "세종대왕" Earl L. Vandermeulen H. S. (11th Grade)

  • Hyung-Jun Pang "안중근­­" Edgemont Jr./Sr. H. S. (10th Grade)

  • Juneho Jang "장영실" Fort Lee H. S. (9th Grade)